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About CocoNJune

Hi there! I'm Donna, creator of CocoNJune, and once upon a time I worked as a law clerk ... for 30 years to be exact. The day came when my creative self tapped me on the shoulder and said "it's time for a Big Change".


With time on my hands, I decluttered house and mind, and discovered mason jar upon mason jar.  I thought to myself "What to do with all these jars?" So I bought chalk paint and brushes and I painted them all!  Friends & family all received one filled with either chocolates, bath salts or other goodies. And with that, I re-ignited by passion for painting and sewing, and thus CocoNJune was born!


From jars to tin milk cans to clay pots - I repurpose, re-use and bring new life to everyday simple things that you can use in your home, cottage, office space or corporate gifting.

CocoNJune is French vintage, cottage-inspired, and nostalgic - it's for anyone looking to brighten up a space, a mood, a friend. 

​A few people have asked "what is Coco & June"? Well, they are two of the most uniquely beautiful, curious and unbelievable felines that have shared our lives. My tortie, June, is the current Madame of our house.

Please reach out to learn more on how to order:

Thanks for stopping by!

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